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BETTER Casing Split Water Pump

BETTER Casing Split Water Pump BETTER Casing Split Water Pump BETTER Casing Split Water Pump BETTER Casing Split Water Pump
Product name : BETTER Casing Split Water Pump
Item : BT-S
Country of Origin : China
Brand Name : BETTER
Standard : API 610
Packing Details : Plywood cases
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BETTER Casing Split Water Pump


Split Case pumps are designed to pump clean water or low viscosity clean liquids at moderate heads more economically, which is widely used for liquid transfer and circulation of clean or slightly polluted water.And the typical applications are Municipal water supply, Power plants, Industrial plants, Boiler feed and condensate systems, Irrigation and dewatering and marine service.


BT-S and BT-XS series of split case pumps are horizontal or vertical Single Stage Double Suction Pumps with closed impeller. All our pump body and casings are made by the advanced resin sand casting, and impellers are made by precision casting to meet the high performance under API610 &CE standard



Technical Advantage

A.      Less noise and vibration, suitable to a lifting speed working condition;

B.      Inverted running is available for the same rotor, the risk of water hammer is lower;

C.      Unique design for high temperature application up to 200 , intermediate support,thicker pump casing, cooling seals oil lubrication bearings;

D.     Vertical or horizontal with packing seal or merchanical seal can be designed according to the different working condition;

E.      Beautiful outline design.

Cost Advantage

A.  By advanced hydraulic model, the efficiency is 2%~3% higher;

B.  NPSH is 1-3 meters lower than the same type split case pumps, thus minimizing the foundation costs and extendling the using life;

C.  SKF, NSK bearing.

Maintenance Advantage

A.  Cartridge merchanical seals make the replacement much easier;

B.  Elastic prestressed assembly makes the rotor parts assemby and dismount much easier;

C.  Unnecessary to make adjustment when assembling.



To pump clean water or low viscosity clean liquids and oil



A:BT-S Series Split Case Pump

S made by cast iron for horizontal application

SL made by cast iron for vertical application;

SY made by ductile cast iron or cast steel or stainless steel for all kinds of oil transfer, with the special design;

SM made by ductile cast iron or cast steel or stainless steel for abrasion resistance application for silt transfer;

SF made by NiCr cast iron or stainless steel for corrosion resistance application for all kinds of corrosive medium transfer.;

Pump outlet diamete      Dn:  50~1200mm    

Capacity                           Q:  50~15000m3/h

Head                                 H:  7.6~140mm

Temperature                   T:  -20°C~80°C(Type S)

Solid parameter                    ≤80mg/L

Permissible pressure           ≤2.5Mpa (Type S)     

B:BT-XS Series Split Case Pump

XS for horizontal;

XS-L for vertical;

XS-R for heat water application;

XS-M for abrasion resistance application;

XS-F for corrosion resistance application.

Pump outlet diamete      Dn:  80~800mm    

Capacity                           Q:  22~11600m3/h

Head                                 H:  7~200mm

Temperature                   T:  -20°C~105°C(Type XS)

                                               -60°C~200°C(Type XS-R)

Solid parameter                   ≤80mg/L

Permissible pressure          ≤2.5Mpa (Type XS)     

                                              ≤4Mpa (Type XS-R)

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